Takao introduction




Takao Shipstores & Engineering Ltd., officially established on 1st of February 1951. The founder was Mr. Henry In-Feng Tseng, a discharged military police officer. He ran foreign ship supply business, one year before he got a official licence. During Korean war and Taiwan Strait conflict between PRC and ROC from 1951 To 1958 he was successful to serve U.S. war ships and made friends overseas. On 4th of February 1980, Mr. Henry Tseng passed away.

His legacy was only the License- Takao Shipstores Ltd.,due to his wrong investments to industrial Manufacturer. Accepting the debts lum sum New Taiwan Dollars 4.4 million, in summer 1980, Herman Hua-Ming Tseng, the eldest son of Henry Tseng took over the ship supplier business. From 1980 to 1995, it was a hard time to Herman Tseng. Working day and night, Neither holiday nor Sunday he eagerly stood up.

Fortunately, Scrapping ship business were prosperous, Herman Tseng purchased marine spare parts from scrap yards and sold abroad successfully. By 1986 all debts were cleared and paid. At the same year Herman Tseng purchased the first four story building for office and residence. This house is the company office at present. In 1995 purchased the second house for warehouse to keep frozen, and fresh Foods. Dry foods and stores are stowed in different location in the same house. In 1997, purchased the third house,in 1999, the fourth, and in 2001 Herman Tseng owned the fifth. All houses were paid cash without loans. For supplying jobs are available two lorries, and two sedans.


In 1991, Herman Tseng passed survey training in Korea, expanding business to marine survey and ships’ registry. At present, Takao has his reputation worldwide. Takao can serve ports besides home port Kaohsiung expanding to Yungan, Anping, Mailiao, Taichung, Keelung, Suao, Hoping and Hualien in Taiwan. Turnover is about US$2.5 million per year.

Herman Tseng was elected the chairman of Kaohsiung Ship suppliers Association In 1983. In March 2002, he was elected as a chairman again. This term he faces several challenges: 1. Taiwan enter WTO, may open doors To foreign countries to set up ship supplier stations in Kaohsiung, 2. Lack of opportunity, some suppliers suspend and close, members are less than before. How to survive and save Kaohsiung Ship Suppliers Association? 3. Rules and Laws for ship suppliers are too old to follow, how to revise?

Many ship suppliers have better fortune and abilities are not willing to face these tough agenda and gave up to act as a chairman. They turned faces to Herman Tseng and elected him to jump into the fire hole. May God give mercy, Herman Tseng would do his best to face hard works ahead.